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Welcome to our Web site!

We basically set up this web site to show some pictures to family and friends.  It also gives Gene a place to play with javascript, html, and dhtml. 

If you don't fall into either of the above categories, you obviously came to the wrong place.

Gene works at the National Wetlands Research Center (NWRC) in Lafayette, LA.  He is an atypical computer geek (i.e. a computer geek that also enjoys hunting/fishing, etc).  If you ask what he does at the NWRC, the typical response you will get is "I count ducks on ponds".  If that doesn't satisfy you and you persist, you may get "I play with satellite imagery".  If you still persist, you eventually get the full story, which can be found here, along with a growing list of "areas of expertise".  He has recently become intensely interested in traveling outside the U.S., and has a growing list of foreign languages that he knows a few words in, and a couple that he knows more than a few words in, and can also be classified as a professional photographer.

Julie is a homemaker.  She is a typical homemaker.  If you ask what she does as a homemaker, the typical response you will get is "Not much"  Apparently this is some strange definition of "Not much" that Gene is previously unaware.  "Not much" apparently consists of the following:  Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Junior League, Homemaker's Club, Soccer Coach (boys and girls), helper at the school, professional photographer, and lots of stuff that we don't even have space to list here.  When she gets around to telling me what to put there, she has another page here.

The kids, well, they are typical kids.  They now have things that they are interested in, lots of sports, and other things.  And that is about all you get to know about them until they are old enough to actually want to put something here for themselves.  If you know us, you know them.  If you don't know us, then you have no business knowing them.  Sound a little paranoid?  Hell yes.  I work for the government.  Enough said.

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