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Here are some places to visit on the web.  Some are our favorites, some just have some really cool stuff. 

  • NWRC
    • Where Gene works.
  • Wombat Photography
    • Where Julie works! Her new business.
  • Google
    • Our (Genes) favorite search engine.
  • Junior League of Lafayette Cookbooks
    • Where you can order JLL cookbooks online.
  • PC Crafter
    • Where you can order LOTS of really cool clipart.
  • DSLReports
    • Don't let the name fool you. There's lots of information here about anything computer related.
  • Ask Jeeves for Kids
    • The best search engine I have found for kids to search with. See my write-up in my interests/misc stuff about how to set up IE to make it kid friendly.
  • Federation of American Scientists
    • Trying to make the world a safe place, and providing some really neat information along the way.
  • Mailwasher!
    • Still the best product for dialup users.
  • POPFile
    • The absolutely best utility for getting rid of spam. I love this product.
  • Mailinator
    • An incredible service.  An email address that only exists for a couple of hours.  Great for limiting spam.



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