Safe Surfing for Kids




This is a little write-up on how to configure Internet Explorer so that it is a little safer for the little ones to go surfing on their own.  NOTE:  This is no way an indication that this is the only, or the best way to do this, there are simply too many variables to your individual situation.  However, it is a very good starting point for most kids.

On any of the below instructions, you can click the thumbnail to get a full screen capture of what I am referring to.

First:  Open up Internet Explorer.

Second: Go to and follow their instructions for downloading safesurf.rat  Put it where their instructions tell you to.

Third: Go to Tools - Internet Options.

You will get a box like this opening up.

Fourth: Select the content tab.

Fifth: Under Content Advisor, click Enable.  This will appear.

Sixth: Select the General tab.

Seventh:Under Rating Systems, click the Rating Systems... button. You will get a box looking like this.

Eigth: Click the Add button, and Open the safesurf.rat file you downloaded in the second step.

Ninth:When you select the file and click Open, you will get the following box.  Click Ok.

Tenth:After you click OK, and the box goes away,you will wind up back here.

Eleventh: Click the box that says to Create Supervisor Password.  Create a password.  Give yourself a hint.  Make it some you can type easily, but not something your kids know.  This password will allow you to view any web page regardless of its rating for kids.

Twelfth:Click OK and go back to the General tab.

Thirteenth: Set the homepage to  This is a great search engine that almost never return results that are not rated by safesurf.

Tell it Ok, and your done.  You may need to go and mess with the ratings tab under content advisor to keep it from asking you the password.  In my experience I needed to change the safesurf rating for Profanity over to allowing Technical Reference, otherwise they never get to go to any dictionary or encyclopedia sites.


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