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 These are some of our photos!  We try to change them out from time to time.  There are usually more than 1 page.  Click the link up to to go to the next page.  Ok, This page isn't really up to date at all.  We do put up lots of photos of the kids on our professional site.

Click any of the photos to bring up a full resolution image.

Check out this  cool experimental image cube as a direct animation example.

Britt rock climbing.

Julie and the kids at Easter.

Ben wins Stick Horse Competition

Ben wins first place and best in show for dressage.

Woodvale Book Parade 2003

Brittney was Shaharazad.

Mardi Gras 2003

Ben got to meet a real Stormtrooper!

Acadiana Karate

Ben gets his yellow belt!

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